Poem of the Day.

Needs and worries. 

What if half the things you thought you needed, you didn't really need at all? Imagine the freedom of letting them go. 

What if half the things that worry you so much were really no cause for concern? Think of how much more positive and productive you could be. 

Some of your needs and your worries have some basis in reality. Yet they can easily become blown far out of proportion by your thinking. 

You can choose to put them in their place. You can choose to simply let them fall away and to put your energy into those things that truly matter. 

This is a great day to begin living with positive, creative intention. This is a great day to go beyond the limitations that your mind has previously convinced you to accept. 

Open your eyes to the abundance that is yours. Focus more energy on your best possibilities and bring your own special joy to life. 

-- Ralph Marston

Mystery destination!

(Friday, 03 April, 2020.)