Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Poem of - ye Jugsy!: ("The traveller" the other version) The boy stood on the burning deck, . . . . . Sorry!wrong one. "Is there anybody there!" said ye Jugsy!, knocking on the worm-eaten door; as our Trigger! chomped the grasses, through the hole in the mouse littered floor. "Is there anybody there!" wailed ye Jugsy!, as the worm-eaten door fell apart; while our Trigger! restored the silence, with a wet and thunderous fart. "Is there anybody there!.." sobbed ye Jugsy!, turning from the door so dimly lit; as our Trigger! dropped a pile, and ye Jugsy! slipped and fell in it. "You pillock, that's not fair" screamed ye Jugsy!, getting up and feeling very hurt; so our Trigger! dropped another, which plastered all down his shirt. ye Jugsy! sobbed and choked amongst the tree trunks, he wandered off and was never seen no more; while our Trigger! chomped the grasses, of the forests ferny floor. (c)Guy Abandon 1996.

Mystery destination!

(Saturday, 23 October, 2021.)