Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Clockwork Soldier? in days of old, when knights were sold, to women for their pleasure; canned food was born! chain pants were torn, to nibble him at her leisure. The knights were long, their thighs were strong, She soon got dressed for dinner; without a gown, she got him down, and soon had him within her. He lost his mare, his ars was bare, and armour plating bent; his bell did toll, and rocks did roll, until her passion spent. When she was through and he withdrew, his gaze was quite a frown; "You lovely boy, my clockwork toy!" she gave him half a crown. Still not amused, he felt abused, despite her rampant frolics; "Well sod you then, these useless men!" she kicked him in the.... mouth. (c)Guy Abandon 2001.

Mystery destination!

(Tuesday, 09 August, 2022.)