Guy Abandons - Been?... Oh! - collection.

Snoe Whight and the seven dorks: You've heard the tale of Snow White And her seven little men, wicked Queen, oh what a fright, We know from way back when. Now let us change the story, like - snowies not so sweet, wicked Queens not so gory, And the dwarves have got big feet. Like - Snow White was a virgin, when she first got there; now all the dwarfs are mergin' with her youthful curly hair. All of them but Grumpy have tasted Snow White's treasure, He's the one gets lumpy for the wicked queanly pleasure. Happy has the biggest gob, as he's got the biggest feet; Says all the wrong things on the job, She don't think he's so sweet. Dopey likes cunnilingus, lapping away like a mutt; while Grumpy uses fingers, on poor Dopey's naked butt. Sneezy couldn't raise a laugh, His ahh..tishoo's were the trouble, He snorted and sprayed all over the gaff, And his beaky nose did bubble. 'Ah Sneezy, what a big nose you've got', cooed snowie, It could prove handy, Slip it in there where its nice and hot, 'Oooh darlin' it feels quite dandy! The strangest dwarf is Sleepy, Just nothing turns him on, His comatose state is creepy, One good yawn and he is gone. Asleep: his dick grows tall and straight, It really is an eyesore, Excited Snow White could not wait, To avail herself a re-bore! Bashful is so very shy, he cannot get undressed; Snow White heaves a patient sigh, and masks how unimpressed. He hides behind the bookshelf, she lays beneath the blanket, quietly describes herself while he works hard to spank it. Doc is different slightly as it dangles past his knees; he treats her so politely, and his beard is quite a tease. But Doc is very worried as he dropped some ten pound notes; could he bend down if he hurried, or would Grumpy get his oats. Doc is the oldest of the lot, Bags of experience behind him, Snow White suggested he shave her mott, So he gave her a beautiful trim. Wicked Queen demanded one of those, Doc said "you can go tickle", "Just like a forest your bush grows, Besides, the re-growth sure does prickle". Imperious Queen was making her face, daubing it on like a thespian; then prowling the halls of the dark palace, to have some sport with a lesbian. She wasn't well versed in this kind of thing, not knowing which way to come; so she wandered back to pester the King, for the thrill of him spanking her bum. I must tell you about Wicked Queen, She's not a real Queen at all, But a guy in drag, likes to prance and preen, And from the Kings favour he did fall. When this wicked sod turfed Snow White out, One was proud of being so callous, When Snowie of her good luck did spout, The Queen got very jealous. So the royal cow went and asked The famous magic mirror, To find out where young Snow White basked, And promised not to kill 'er. Magic mirror coughed up the data, She got the huntsman to show her the way, But the Journey was a non-starter, 'Cos the pair spent too long in the hay! "Where's handsome Prince?" you enquire, I promise he's not far away, He's out looking for his hearts desire, But he's in for a shock today. As he stood so tall in the cottage door, And stared around the room, There's Snowie and Doc writhing on the floor, While Dopey beat his ass with a broom. A Pretty-boy guise of wicked old Witch, bent over and cackling with lust; Grumpy sneered "you silly old bitch" and stomped away in disgust. "Come back 'ere!" she shrieked after him, hobbling off in pursuit; a crippling pace that streaked after him and got him by the hairs of his root. She got him down in the cucumber patch then tore off his pants and her skirts; "You'll have your way in my grizzled old thatch, or this 'cumber is hid where it hurts!" Mercy, mercy! screamed Grumpy, aghast, squirming and sweating in fear; "you'd like the 'cumber better" he gasped, she grinned "what a lovely idea!". Grumpy escaped as fast as he could, But not before grabbing a 'cumber, "Very interesting, this would be good For waking dear Queen from her slumber." He stuffed it in his trouser pocket, To find it didn't quite fit, So down his leg he slid this rocket, Giggled "It flatters my form just a bit." Wicked old Witch was now bearing fruit from her roll in the vegetable plot, heaving away with the force of a brute all gherkins! that spat from her slot. A pickling jar was very soon filled with the fruit of her efforts and loins; the look on her face said she wasn't too thrilled, with the spells and the smells of old groins. So what happened to the handsome Prince? Snowie stormed "He's left me on the shelf!" she used rude words that made the dwarfs wince, Shrieked "I'll damn well go look for myself!". But Snowie found a huntsman instead, She viewed him with lust-filled eyes, "Come here" she said, "clover makes a good bed, Oh my gosh! what muscular thighs! When time had passed and summer now gone, and all had got over the party; things got back to normal anon, and Snow White was not quite so tarty. When prince passed again, he was taken aback, as snow White now had a big belly; 6 sheepish dwarfs then snook out the back, all quivering and shaking like jelly. Eventually, her time had come, to give up the load she had bore; heaving and straining with septuplets while all the rest looked on with awe. All but one were shrivelled wee things, looking just like their old dads; the one with the thighs and other strong things, He'll be more than just one of the lads. Prince wrote a play about Snow Whites tale, For gossip had spread far and wide, Hundreds of folk grabbed the tickets for sale, And enjoyed giggles and sniggers so snide. Prince was something of a thespian, But he couldn't play the leading role, the roll was offered to a lesbian, But Princess was her ultimate goal. The wicked Queen foresaw all this, In the magic MIRROR she viewed it, Told a SUN reporter and didn't miss, The chance to earn herself a good bit. She then dumped the poor old Grumpy, And decided to get right away, In search of some new rumpy-pumpy, And spend the SUN's dosh for many a day. (c)SMM & RSH 2002.

Mystery destination!

(Saturday, 25 January, 2020.)